Our wildcrafted salves are made in small batches and come in a  2 oz for $15 and $28 for a 4 oz. This salve elixir is made with a custom blend of organic walnut, hemp, and olive oil and is infused with Comfrey harvested from our garden. This salve can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, bone repair and is great for deep tissue reparation. All products have crystal infusions, reiki and sun energy. This formulation is known to relax and sooth achy muscles and bones and is great fro theskin tissue.

Original Wildcrafted Deep Tissue Repair Salve 4oz

SKU: 00003
  • organic walnut, hemp and olive oil, comfrey root, comfrey leaves, arnica, beeswax, reiki infused, crystal elixir.

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