It is our mission to honor Mother Earth by joining forces to create harmony, grow life and expand LOVE.

Seeds of love is an artistic platform open to connecting with artists, healers, gardeners and local business to create collaborative events and d.i.y workshops rooted in personal, social and environmental transformation. We believe transforming ourselves is the key to transforming the world; and we’re using art and nature as our medium!

Our collaborations connect people from all walks of life, expanding and sharing the harmonious ways we go about living for the greater good of all living things. This encourages individuals to take daily actions toward the arts, personal development, urban ag, and healthy living. All proceeds go back to those who facilitate, construct and curate any given event.

This year we are happy to announce that we are joining forces with a few communities to share the necessary tools, skills and actions required to build inner city food security. We are also scheduling a series of artistic and nature infused pop up workshops in the Los Angeles and Des Moines area this spring & summer!

Seeds of Love is all about human connection and we’re committed to expanding a culture rooted in love. Love of life and love of Earth! We look forward to connecting with all of you. Together, we have the power to create healing experiences that align our minds and hearts with our actions.  Please stay tuned and make sure to subscribe below so you can be apart of these wondrous collaborations.

Upcoming Event: Intro to Ayurveda beauty &  Guided Visual Meditation w/ Reiki Saturday July 1, 2017 7pm to 8:30

An introduction to Ayurveda Beauty and Guided Visual Meditation with Reiki (Click here or on the image above to reserve your space)
Saturday, July 1st, 2017 from 7pm-8:30pm at Green Tree Yoga | 8227 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90047 | First 10 people to secure their space by registering are automatically entered into a drawing to receive a special gift that night! No experience required. Just a willingness to explore and be present!

In this workshop we walk you through:

Ayurveda Beauty
A restorative chakra exercise
Breath work and movement
Guided visual meditation w/ Reiki
Tea afterward
Facilitated by: Kiana Fresh Life and Adrienne Wade
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It is possible to actively create day to day practices that diligently lead us toward the mass liberation of our  hearts, minds and environments.


Our actions, when taken collectively, can lead to the mass change we desire. It’s time to alter our behaviors to create new patterns in order to realize a better path forward–a better future.